What's been happening, you ask...

Actually, quite a bit. There has been a lot of discussion behind the scenes about the events for 2016 since RTB VI.  The when, the where, the what, the who and everything beyond has to be evaluated, considered and otherwise. It takes a fair amount of planning and organization (yes, even as disorganized as we are!) to pull off an event.

The folks behind the Adventure Riders of Texas sincerely want to organize and present top shelf events for you.  We have been plotting and scheming what 2016 will ultimately look like. Rest assured, there will be rally information coming very soon!

As you can see we are on a new webhost and have started building a new website.  What you see is only the beginning. In the not so distant future, we intend on having fresh content from numerous contributors, images from our events, news and information specific to our sport, stories from the road and maybe even some technical articles that all of us can benefit from.

There is some movement towards setting the Adventure Riders of Texas up as a club. What this will allow is for the community of riders to take the bars and set the organization on a solid foundation.  For now, there are a handful of people that keep ART alive.  The goal for setting up the club is to ensure that our kids and grand kids can have the same fun doing the things we are doing now well into the future.

So, stay tuned.  The fun is about to begin!